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Windows 7 Features

Search Feature: Introduced in Windows Vista, Microsoft has refined it bit as now you can see results by categories. The search feature searches for an item in your system. It instantaneously starts displaying relevent results as you type the letters in the search box. This is good feature as compared to Windows XP.

Pin: You can put frquently used programs in taskbar. This you can term as new avatar for quick launch toolbar. the purpose is to keep the things close which you use frequently.

Snap: You can reszie the window by just pushing it against the screen edges. You can place two windows side by side for comparison.  The point here is the relative ease with which you can arrange your open windows onscreen as compared to other operating systems.

Peek: This is good feature wherein you can peek right through all your open windows to see the desktop. You are no longer required to first minimise all open windows to have a look at your desktop. If many windows are open and you want to see particular window then you can do that by just hovering over the icon for that window in the taskbar. Now only this window will remain there. Peek is available in all three versions of Windows 7.

Shake: All but one open windows disppears by just holding and then shaking the one window which you wish to see. Shake again and all are back. This is cool.
Live Taskbar Previews: You can see full screen preview for icons in the taskbar. Maybe cool feature for some.

Homegroup: You need to have Windows 7 in all your computers then it is pretty easy to establish home network.

Migration from Windows XP: You cannot upgrade to Windows XP to Windows 7. You will need to clean install Windows 7. So if you are looking to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP then first backup all your data to external drive or whatever medium is available with you. Once Windows 7 is installed you can restore this data in Windows 7.

Migration from Windows Vista: You can upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 as the architecture is same however before that you need to check if your system is ready to run Windows 7.

You can check this using Windows 7 upgrade advisor if the hardware and software is compatible for Windows 7. Also you will need to have latest service pack in your system. if your installation gets blocked you may be able to install the latest drivers from the compatibility center and continue with the upgrade.

If you wish to know whether your system is compatible with Windows 7 then you can visit the Windows Compatibility Center.