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What to check while purchasing new computer

I want to purchase new computer but unable to decide which one to buy. This is one puzzle which many people finds daunting task to solve. People are unable to decide which one computer they should purchase.

Of course if someone has little or no knowledge about computers then it becomes more difficult to decide which one to purchase. Whenever you decide to purchase a computer or any article as a matter of fact you should be able to know the following:

1) What is my requirement

What exactly do I need from my computer, obviously if you are looking for general purpose computer then there is no point of spending extra bucks in getting high end graphics card installed in your system.

Sit down and think for what purpose you need to purchase a computer. Many people needs a general purpose computer which can surf the internet fine. Most of the computers irrespective of the manufacturer falls in this category.

What should a general purpose computer looks like.

A computer with around 300GB hard drive. Nowadays 320GB is standard offerings on most laptop computers.
2-4 GB memory.
DVD drive with DVD burning facility.
6-cell battery in case of portable computers.
2 GHz processor.
Memory card readers, now days there are 8 in 1 card readers that are available.

2) Budget


Once you are through with the requirement you need to check your budget. How much you are ready to spend. A general purpose computer costs same irrespective of the manufacturer. Bear in mind that more the cost more is the facility available in the system. However you do not need to spend for facility which you are not going to use. For example a system which is bought by a home user would not require biometric reader unless one has too important data to protect.

3) After Sales Service 

The most important is the after sales service. Make thorough check whether the company is providing good after sale support. It is also advisable to purchase warranties especially hardware warranty. Please note that no company provides software support, if any then it is paid support or for very limited time from the date of purchase. Computer manufacturers provides hardware support.

So while purchasing the system try to have hardware warranty of atleast of two years. This will cover all your hardware faults which otherwise could turn out to be expensive. It is worth mentioning here that computer hardware is electronic components which might go wrong at any time though they are designed, tested for longer duration. No one knows when a hardware components give way. So it is always recommended that when you purchase system you should also purchase warranty for at least two years however more the better.

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