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LCD is Blank/Black

What is LCD?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. These are flat screens which have become prevalent from last few years. Although the image quality is not as good as was with the conventional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors however with technological advancement one may hope to get it better with time.

If the LCD is black then first of all you need to check if the system was able to power on or not.

To check this press the CAPs lock key on the keyboard. Does the CAPs lock LED lit? If yes then the system is running. 

Another observation which might help to know if the system is running or not is to listen to the noise in the system. Generally when you power on your computer you would have heard different type of noises and the one noise from the hard drive is more prevalent. So check for hard drive noise.

This will make sure that the system is up and running.

Now we have isolated the issue to No Video. This could be due to two reasons, either the video card has gone bad or the LCD backlight has gone. To check this connect external monitor to your laptop computer and toggle the display to external monitor. Generally you need to press a key in unison with Fn key on the keyboard to toggle the display.

If the display appears fine on the external monitor, which is the case many times, then the LCD is gone and needs replacement. If there is no display even on external monitor then the issue is with the video card and therefore needs to be replaced.


Garbled/Distorted Display


This could happen either due to LCD or the video card and our first step is to check with an external monitor. If the display is fine on external monitor then the issue could be with the video card drivers. To confirm the same start your system in BIOS mode. Gernerally you need to press F2/F12 to enter BIOS mode. You need to press F2/F12 key the moment you power on the system. If the display is fine then issue is with the video card drivers.


You need to reinstall the video card drivers. You can install drivers from the drivers CD which you may have received with the system or download drivers from the manufacturer sites. Some times you are not sure which video card is installed in your system. In that case click start, type dvmgmt.msc in seach/run box. This will open device manager window. You can check the device type under "Display adapters" here.

There might be cases when Windows may have installed default video card drive in the absence of the correct video card drivers. In that case you can visit the followng site which provides software to know complete configuration of your system.


If you are still unsure then please feel free to contact us. We will be obliged to help you out.