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How to Get My Touchpad to Work | Why Touchpad Not Working | Touchpad Issues

Touchpad Too Sensitive

Touchpad is another input device in laptop computers apart from keyboard that is used widely to pass on the instructions to the computer. Some people find it diffcult to use the touchpad so they prefer external mouse. You can connect external USB mouse if you are not comfortable in using the Touchpad.

If the Touchpad is too sensitive you can always adjust the senstivity and for that you need to open the Start>> Settings>> Control Panel>> Mouse>> Please see there is tab (such as Alps, Synaptic, UltraNav, etc.) in Mouse properties if Touchpad software is installed in your computer.  

If you do not see the tab in mouse properties for the touchpad in your computer then you will need to install the Touchpad software first. You can install one from the CD which you might have received with the system or download one from the manufacturer website. Once installed you can explore this tab to change the Touchpad settings to suit your requirements.

Touchpad movement erratic

In this case too you need to adjust senstivity of the touchpad. If this does not resolve the issue then you need to reinstall the Touchpad drivers. You can find drivers on manufacturers website.

Touchpad Not Working

You will need to reinstall the Touchpad drivers. If after reinstalling the Touchpad drivers the issue persists then connect external mouse and check if the issue replicates with external mouse too. If external mouse works then the Touchpad needs to be replaced.

In all Touchpad related issues you need to perform the steps as listed below:

Check the Touchpad settings in mouse properties.
Reinstall Touchpad drivers.
Check with external mouse.

If the issue persists even after altering Touhpad settings and reinstalling the Touchpad drivers and external mouse working fine then the Touchpad needs to be replaced. If the issue is somewhat different then the ones explained above then please let us know. We shall be obliged to help you out.