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Laptop Computer CD/DVD drive (Optical Drive) not working

Optical drive is one of the frequently used component in the computer system. Before we discuss the issues pertaining to optical drive it is worth mentioning regarding optical drive drivers. Any hardware which is being used in a computer system uses drivers to run itself. For instance keyboard has keyboard drivers, mouse has mouse drivers, video has video card drivers.

There are certain components for which you need to specifically install the device drivers such as video card, sound card, Touchpad however there are certain components for which you do not need to install the drivers. The operating system itself install the drivers for those device. Optical drive is one of those devices for which you are not required to install device drivers, the operating system itself install the drivers from its library.

Now let us discuss the issues with optical drive.

Optical drive is not reading disks/ Optical drive not working

When you insert a disk in the optical drive you would have observed that the disc rotates inside the drive and produces vibration and little bit of noise. So when something goes wrong with the drive you have you look for this noise and vibration. If there is no optical drive noise or vibration then most probably the optical drive has gone bad. Unless the disk rotates inside the optical drive it is not going to be read.

In some case the disk starts rotating but dies down soon after the start. This also means that the optical drive has gone bad. However for confirmation you can do two-way swap of optical drive. This means putting your optical drive in some known good system and vice-versa.

Please read the service manual of your computer before proceeding with two-way swap.

Optical drive icon missing from My Computer

This happens due to UPPER/LOWER filters and there is fine Microsoft's article on this,"Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs."


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