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Laptop Computer Hard Drive

Hard drive is the storage house of your computer. All your data, programs, games, etc. resides on the hard drive. Personal data can be classified as most invaluable in the computer. One hates to lose the personal data. You never know when hard drive may stop working. So it is always advisable to backup your important personal information regularly.

When you should start worrying about the hard drive?

  • If the hard drive noise increase.
  • If there is constant clicking sound from the hard drive.
  • If hard drive portion of the laptop starts getting hot more than usual.
  • If blue screen errors such as inaccessible boot device are thrown at system startup.
  • If you feel the hard drive performance has degraded.

Then it is time to check for the hard drive. Most computer manufacturers provide hardware diagnostics which can check the hardware functionality of the computer system. These diagnostics are already installed at factory. If the one is not available then you can download install the same readily from the manufacturer websites.

System is unable to detect the hard drive

Watch for hard drive LED on the system when you power on the system. If not lit then this means that system is unable to detect the hard drive. In this case reseat the hard drive and for that please check the serivce manual of your computer system. If reseating does not help then you need to check with the known good hard drive.

If the system works fine known good hard drive then the hard drive needs to be replaced. What if known good hard drive could not be arranged.

In that case try powering on the system with operating system CD (Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.) in the CD/DVD drive. This way you can narrow down the issue to the hard drive.

However please note that two-way swap is the most reliable method to isolate the faulty part. Insert the hard drive in question in the known good system and vice versa (known good hard drive in your system).