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Laptop Computer Noise

Sometimes computers start emittting weird noises and this becomes quite embarassing when you are working on computer in a quite environment. Computer is made of many components and each component produces noise however only few components noises are audible and one most prominent is the hard drive. This is acceptable given the working of the hard drive. Moreover hard drive never produces noise beyond acceptable limits.

The main sources of noise in a computer system are speakers and fans, fans more often are the culprits. Fans are essential components of a computer which helps in dissipating heat generated insude the computer. You can easily verify by visual inspection of the fan vents for the source of noise.

If the fan is not the source of noise then the next thing to check is the speakers. Connect headphones to check if the issue replicates on headphones too. If not then the issue is with the system speakers and therefore needs replacement.  If still the issue persists then you need to check all CRU's (Customer Replaceable Units) such as hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, PC cards, Battery, etc. You can please check the CRU's in the system manual, which is available online for most of the computers on manufacturers websites.

Note: When working with CRU's (Customer Replaceable Units) please always read first the service manual of the computer. You can find the service manual on manufacturers website if one not available with you.

Remove each CRU at a time to check whether this eliminates the of noise. This way you will most probably find the culprit part that is the source of noise.