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No Sound in Laptop

No Sound in Laptop | My Laptop Sound Not Working | Why My Laptop Has No Sound

How to fix laptop no sound problem? Well sometimes we all have to go through such situations when laptop wont play sound. Here are the simple steps to identify the cause and isolate no sound out of laptop issue.

Check with Audio Headphones

If there is no sound from laptop speakers. Connect external headphones and check whether no sound coming from computer replicates with headphones too. If no then the computer speakers have gone faulty and therefore needs to be replaced.

If no sound even on external headphones then please check for volume icon on the taskbar (Right hand bottom corner on your laptop system screen). Make sure that the sound is not Muted. You can right click on volume icon in the taskbar to check/adjust Audio properties. Specifically check the Volume Tab.

Reinstall Audio driver

If everything fine here then reinstall the sound/audio card drivers from the drivers CD which you might have received with the your laptop system at the time of purchase. If one not available then you can readily download install audio card drivers from manufacturer website. This will most probably resolve the issue.

Reinstalling Driver Software Microsoft Windows

  • Open Device Manager, In "Type Here to Search", input Device Manager, press Enter
  • Click arrow before Sound, video and game controllers, Select your Audio Card
  • Right Click your Audio Card
  • Click Uninstall Device, this will Remove Audio Card driver Entry
  • Restart Windows, driver software will be reinstalled automatically

If Still sound not playing on laptop then please let us know. We will be obliged to help you out.