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Computer Problems and Solutions

Computer can be termed as one of the finest machines made by human. Today all work is being done on computers irrespective of the scale from smallest to largest. From simple to complex everything is done on computer. It has not only increased the work efficiency rather the accuracy. Everybody is directly or indirectly dependent on computers. As with all other machines computers can also malfunction. Computer problems can be classified under two broad categories viz. hardware and software. Most common hardware that goes faulty in computers are.


  • Hard drive
  • DVD drive
  • Battery in portable computers
  • Motherboard in portable computers
  • LCD in portable computers
  • Touchpad in portable computers
  • Memory
  • Keyboard in portable computers

These are the computer components that comprises most of the hardware faults in computers. How to know if particular hardware has gone bad.  Well in portable computers as most of the components are customer replaceble units so you can check by just swapping the suspected faulty component by known good one. A known good component from similar working computer. It is not difficult to arrange known good component from friends as everybody around you is using computers. Also removing customer replaceable units does not void your system warranty.

However you can always read warranty terms to be on safe side. As hardware is expensive so it is always advisable to purchase hardware warranty for at least two years. Any hardware that goes faulty under warranty period is replaced by the manufacturer thus saving your hard earned money. One of the questions that many users gets confused is about the warranty on battery (portable systems). Please note that battery is considered consummable item so most of the companies provide one year warranty on battery irrespective of your system warranty. Your system warranty may be of two or three years but battery will be covered for only one year from the date of purchase.

We can help you in diagnosing the hardware problem if there is one in your system. You can then contact the manufacturer to get the hardware part replaced, if the system is under warranty. If you need to submit your issue you can click here

The other category of computer problems is the software. All of us remain online most of the time. If you rarely go online then there is very rare chance that you will encounter software problem in your computer. Most of the software problems arises because of malware, viruses on the internet. It is better to understand these terms.


Malware: Malware is a malicious software designed to intrude someone computer without the knowledge of the user. It includes viruses, worms, spyware, adware, etc.


Virus: Virus is a malicious software designed to incur damage to users computer.

While majority of the software problems occur due to malware. There are times when the software malfunctions and most of the time it occurs
before of conflict between application software (such as MS excel, Adobe reader, etc.) and the operating system (such as Windows XP). As most of the software problems occur due to malware so it is always advisable to have latest antivirus software installed in the system. Also do not forget to update the operating system. Generally it is set automatic so you are not required to do anything.

Protection from Malware:

  • Keep your computer updated in terms of operating system and antivirus software.
  • Do not ever open unsolicited emails.
  • Exercise caution while visiting websites becuase not all are safe.
  • Some are designed exclusively for spreading malware especially porn sites.